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7:01 p.m. - 2013-06-20

Had a blast in the park with friends having a freezbee contest. Eating orange freezies. Getting brain freeze. Making dandelion crowns. Dreaming of ice-cream castles in the clouds. Singing along to The Ronettes.

Mom told me last night that Tony Soprano died and he was on every tv channel. I have no clue what he looks like. Never watched The Sopranos. I keep thinking of Soprano handbags and purses on the Home Shopping Channel.

A damn mosquito bit me while i'm typing this. I'm allergic to mosquito bites. My skin swells and itches for a week. Mom is teaching summer classes downstairs. Some fucker keeps honking his horn. WTF? I want to see the film The Bling Ring. Sophia Coppola rules.

Tomorrow going mini-golfing with friends. The smell of candy apples and cotton candy beckons. I have flowers in my hair and white nails and listening to Beady Eye's new album.



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