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7:18 p.m. - 2013-07-04
I'm On Vacation & Lovin' It!

Been reorganizing my room even though its boiling hot outside (+32) just to get an idea. Heatwave all week. We were supposed to go to Marineland on Saturday but not in +39 humidex although it would be kinda fun to get drenched by a killer whale. Been eating way too much..Williams has totally awesome turkey apple cheddar with cranberry sauce foccacia sandwiches. Like X-Mas in summer melting in your mouth. Carrot cheesecake to die for. Tons of candies from the Dutch shop. Chocolate chip cookies from bakery. Cookie dough ice-cream. Orange Crush. Okay. Back to redecorating my room 70s style. I found a box of retro postcards that i forgot i had.

On Canada Day weekend went over to Stew's flat for a small party. Made guacamole dip with corn tortillas. YUM. Feng Shui on balcony. Contacted Jim Morrison & some guy named Bob through the ouija board. Freaked us all out when the candles blew out as we were talking to Jim. Sunday went to eat corn-on-the-cob & listened to two women sing songs. They played The Lumineers Ho Hey which was AWESOME. Maria's Korean penpal who is visiting her for a few weeks brought his amazing little polaroid camera. Ate at Swiss Chalet. I love their chicken pot pie.

Yesterday i went to Ardene's & got a cartoon trucker hat that says "BAM" on it. Reminds me of P.J. Soles style in "Carrie". Wearing silver nails today & milkmaid braids. My Grandma was constipating all over the place when we were in Walmart. Ewwww. The worst was when she popped a stink bomb in the line-up. Soooo embarassing. We thought we were going to gag along with 10 other people. Doncha just hate when that happens. It's been raining practically every day. We have 4 pairs of baby skunks in our backyard. Including my grannie. (joke) I looooove my grannie. She is the BESTEST even if she does stink up places. We took her to the park but storm came fast so we took cover inside the amphitheater until the sunshine came out.


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