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5:12 p.m. - 2013-06-04
Bubblegum Prom Queens

My Nana's plane was delayed in Stockholm, so she arrived at 8:00 pm. Earl drove us there..he's super cool & he took us to Wendy's which was directly across from the airport turmac or whatever you call the landing strip or whatever, anyways, we had poutine, & then around a few minutes before 8:00 pm, i looked up & saw her plane flying past us & knew it was my nana..me & mom checked the tvs inside airport just to make sure & yup, it was the exact time when i saw it landing..HOW FREAKY!! We went to Terminal 3 & got my nana a Welcome Back balloon & of course i brought a bouquet of flowers for her & we didn't have to wait long..she came out at 8:20 pm. I think the whole airport her us cheering..haha! We were sooo happy to see her..gawd doesn't anyone ever get emotional anymore??? Geeeez! Yup, we're very VERY quirky people, especially my nana. Anyways, we got home around 10:00 pm, & she brought us soo many goodies..lots of chocolates!!
My nana also brought me a set of 3 green beaded necklaces with matching ring..soo pretty!!


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