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1:44 p.m. - 2011-06-18
jurassic park golfing with the dinosaurs

Jurassic Park mini-golfing with nana on a hot summer day. Rockabilly pink/black checkered socks. Dinosaur t-shirt. Dinner at Edge's Restaurant. Yummy bbq chicken mac n cheese. Betty Boop tray. Ed Hardy fish candle. Tea at Timmy's.

Yesterday. Dinner at Mandarin's. My nana was overwhelmed by all the foods. Lemon chicken. Teriyaki salmon. Crab legs. Vegetarian sushi. Fruit shortcake. Chocolate marshmellows on a stick. Creme Brulee. Caramel pudding.

Going to show my mormor how to make ojos de dios (eye of god). My green jello is still untouched in the fridge. She loves war films and psychological thrillers..


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