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6:06 p.m. - 2011-06-28
club italia

Port Dalhousie. Sat on carousel. My nana cracked up on the goat she sat on. Went again. Walked on pier. Not many boats. Next stop..candy shop. Blue raspberry sours hello kitty and a pack of chocolate cigarettes. Ate at Murphy's near Harbourfront Inn. Yummy clam chowder and fish fry. BEST cherry cheesecake ever!!!! Came home. Sat outside and played cards. Watched Talented Mr. Ripley.

Sunday Ribfest. Didn't have ribs. We shared a yummy jumbo ear with mixed berries. Listened to a band sing Sweet Home Alabama and Elvis songs. I won a cute stuffed doggie for my nana.

Other events..my nana got her hair done. She got a perm. Looks lovely! Been to the Community Center where they put our dance school name up with the other donors. Very hip!! :) Walked on main street but we didn't have time to go to the celebrity shop or the paranormal place.

Went antique shopping on Friday. Got tons of vintage postcards with writings on the back of past travels by unknown peoples. and a pretty ribbon broach. Went to Chocolate F/X. nana had fun tasting chocolates. Orange apricot choccie was the best. And yeah my grandmama is a bit miffed at Harrison Ford coz he played a bad guy in "What Lies Beneath", lol!! She calls him a "jävlar" now.

Also went to Club Italia and listened to Luca Pugliese perform in front of the gelato icecreams. He's also an artist. He came all the way from Italy to play a gig there and promote himself. Mojito gelato..mmmmm!! and i <3 my dragon tattoo.


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