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5:06 p.m. - 2011-04-05
birthday funky fun-fun!!

Its been a long while...last weekend, i went to the mall and finally the earth shop was open!!! i got 2 fairy figurines, one is sitting on a crystal ball and the other is sitting on a dragon and shiva boom album which is sooo good!! the guy there who apparently has a crush on me (whaaaaa? yeah seriously, lol!) anyways, he recommended this album to me since i told him i love music from india. i had poutine from new york fries..omg, i haven't had poutine since i left ottawa years ago! it was equally as good as the french canadian who used to make them from his wagon. i also miss beaver tails, you can't get that here!
saturday i was called over to stew's place thinking he was freaking out about his relationship, he gets like that often and i have to go over and give him advice and act like his love counselor (like i know anything about relationships, HA!), anyways, i went over and it turned out to be a little surprise post b-day party for me!! i usually know when something is being cooked, but they really got me this time! as soon as i went inside, it was dark and not a sound, i really thought that stew had left, so im just standing there when the lights came on and there was maria, lily, maria's bf, stew's bf all shouting "happy b-day" to me..i was sooo overwhelmed, thanks guys!! :)
had cute cupcakes, california coolers, chips, dips, pressies..stew got me ed hardy perfume that came with a funky glitter makeup bag, and tons of certificates for cds/books, oh and stew also got me this amazing picture book on david bowie..yipppeeee!! :) and we went out to the movies and saw the cartoon film rango, yay johnny depp!! it was fun!!!!!! and had ketchup flavour popcorn. im too lazy to post pics, im going to wait until my b-day passes and then i will develop pics of the stuff i got.
mom keeps telling me, "if you would've been born 10 hours later, you would've been a joke", i would've been born april fool's day, get it?? LOL!
watched the aussie grand-prix on sunday, actually i didn't feel like sleeping, so me and mom watched it live at 2:00 am to 4:00 am. Oh wow, its going to be my first b-day without my daddy around :(

It was a freezing day on Thursday March 31st but we still managed to have fun on my birthday. Stopped off first at blockbuster and i couldn't believe my luck that there was one copy of "Mr. Nice" waiting for meeeee :) (it was a great film btw!!), headed to Clifton Hill and went to Rainforest Cafe and i had my fav. china island chicken salad but i made the mistake of having a tall glass of chocolate milk with it and i was sick afterwards, i just felt toooo full..eep! walking outside helped a bit and we played tons of games..the one where i had to press a button and a ball flew down and went into holes was the best one! i unfortunately did not get the ball into the bonus 400 tickets hole though but i was able to get nearly 200 tickets :) i got a blue jewelled photo frame, and a round lime dish. got home at around 11:00 pm, had my cake and opened up pressies, and then watched the film.

Here are some of the pressies i got:

purple doc martens
2 fairy dolls (kareen on dragon and roselyn on crystal ball)


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