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3:25 p.m. - 2011-02-21
psychic fair adventure...

We drove to the place at 3:30 pm, as we were going through the front door, my little finger got�stuck on the door handle awkwardly�and i cut it badly :( im sooo accident prone!!!�mom asked�the girl at the caf� if she had any bandaids but noone seemed to have any, so i wrapped a napkin around the wound and the bleeding stopped, luckily it was a small cut, but i couldn't tell at the time coz it was bleeding like it was a big gash! anyways, we headed towards the Psychic Fair area near the back of the hotel, there weren't too many people at all, and...

All the merchandise booths were in the center, and going around the room were the spirit seekers, tarot/palmistry, crystal ball readers, the aura photos were ridiculously overpriced!! since i got mine read for free at a science fair in the past..here is was $80.00 for one aura photo! the fortune-telling was also expensive and if they went over-time, than you had to pay extra.� There was a booth that did numerology, some girl was selling her small paintings that looked like someone had hurled paint up on them, they didn't look very creative to me. We couldn't get away from the Asian lady vendor who kept on saying "are these beautiful? so beautiful pieces, no?" and showing all her glass pendants which were $3.00 each, they were really groovy though, so i got mom a pretty green cross, and me, a pretty sky blue with eye design in center and they came with coloured material string but that was an additional $3.00 which the vendor lady didn't tell me at first. She was nice though coz she gave me a mirror so that we could put our necklaces on..most of the stuff was sooo expensive!!! At another booth, some dude was selling authentic Brazilian crystal necklaces, so i got one and 2 pink rose scented soaps, and i spoiled my mom by getting her a mystical black glitter ring..the guy was so nice, he said "since you bought from me already, i'll give you the ring for half price".� Mom stopped to admire a hand crafted beautiful Egyptian tablecloth and a nice girl was thrilled that we loved it coz it was made by a friend of hers who turns out to have been related to the Grateful Dead..she mentioned the name Scully and she told me to look up Shamanistic.com or something like that..she and her friend travel back & forth from Egypt and she liked my clothing style and asked me what i like to wear and i told her that i love hippie stuff and she liked that and she showed us her t-shirt which said "i love myself" backwards and said its fun to look at it in the mirror and she said that she likes me coz im quirky and she right away knew that im quirky and that im an artist. We chatted for a while on ghosts, tarot cards, & far away exotic lands.� Oh, she said that her style is when she wakes up, she decides what to wear depending on her mood, she called herself a moody-dresser..haha! Afterwards, there was a table full of all sorts of tarot cards and one particularly caught my eye...

I�couldn't resist not getting it!
We didn't stay too long, then we headed to J.J. Kapps for dinner, and shared a Dolce DeLeche cheesecake..mmmmmm!! damn it was good!!

We met Sophia and she told us that she knows things just by feeling our energy, than how come she didn't say to us "sorry about your loss!" I�think some of these people claim to be able to read you but sadly they're not always "the real thing" and they just want your money!

just to give you all an idea of how ridiculously priced�these people were! Oh and at one place, the lady there had written out on her board "free reading", yet when my mom asked about it, the lady covered the board with her arm and told us the cost of a reading..what a bloody sham!!

Hello Kitty car :)

the rubber carpet at my feet

Yesterday, i started on those blue poodle tutus, i have to cut out the right amount and i have to make 20 blue poodle costume..eeeeeeeep!! its going to bore me to death to make the same thing that many times, usually i make at least 10 or less of one costume design.� I�made Vietnamese Basa fish with bok choy and rice noodles, and chocolate blueberry walnut cake..yum!� Today is Family Day, but im going to get back to work after this entry and then i will make cajun pork and corn for dinner, and phone up Stew.�


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