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8:56 p.m. - 2011-07-04
doilies and tea

Friday. Maid of the Mist in bright blue raincoats. Walked in gardens of roses. Rock n Bowl. Bowling to Franz Ferdinand. I scored 53 and came in first. Banana split dipping dots. Wonderful fireworks. Scary people jam. Fun at Midway. I only got 159 tickets and nice girl gave me a hippie necklace that was 200 points :)Grocery shopping at 1:30 am.

Saturday. Kurtz. White chocolate raspberry truffle ice-cream. Supper at Queen's Landing. Ahu tuna nicoise. Vanilla creme brulee. mango swirl cheesecake with coconut ice-cream and lime jelly. Pecan chocolate tart. Playing the piano upstairs. Exploring the antique bookshelves. Tiffany lamps. Johnny Depp as Dillinger sitting in the corner by the bar *i wish* My nana loved "Thelma & Louise" coz she's in love with Michael Madsen, haha.

Sunday. Afternoon Tea in the Drawing Room of the Prince of Wales Hotel. Finger sandwiches and pastries and Deep Green Embrace herbal tea served in rose patterened English porcelain. Exploring the large ballroom with gold crystal chandeliers.

Monday. Left 2 hours earlier for the airport becuz of traffic..4th of July!
Its going to be hard without my mormor-grandmama around again. But she wants to come in January and then stay 3 months next summer :)


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