Fav. Musicians: Kula Shaker*Enigma*Xavier Rudd*Bob Marley*Candice Pacheco*Delirium*Grateful Dead*Joplin*Hendrix*Eagles*Doors
Fav. Films: Jurassic Park*Twister*Almost Famous*Go Ask Alice*The Trip*Koyaanisquatsi*Virgin Suicides*Picnic At Hanging Rock*Dark Crystal
Interests: bohemian/hippie stuff, thrifting, nature, elephants, cats, animals, reggae/downtempo, dreadlocks, plants/cacti, daisies/sunflowers, creating art, ghost/paranormal shows..
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4:19 p.m. - 2014-05-29
the sentimental engine slayer

1. Favorite action film? Twister. I don't watch much action movies so i guess this could qualify as one.
2. What movie(s) could you watch over and over and not get tired of? Groove, Almost Famous, Go Ask Alice, Virgin Suicides, Ice Storm, Twister & Jurassic Park..
3. Any old school favorites? Foul Play & Rollercoaster
4. Top 5 directors? Gus van Sant & Sophia Coppola
5. Favorite dead actor/actress? Philip Seymour Hoffman
6. Favorite movie from the 90�s? Jurassic Park
7. Ever been/are you such a hardcore fan of an actor actress you watched/will watch any movie they were/will be in? Yup, Christina Ricci and Steve Buscemi!
8. Favorite fantasy movie? Dark Crystal!!
9. Favorite musical? Rocky Horror
10. Your guilty pleasure movie(s)? Kiyaanisquatsi.
11. Favorite indie film? Whiplash.
12. Favorite movie heroin? Penny Lane.
13. Favorite kids movie? Benji.
14. Favorite Disney movie? Freaky Friday, the original version with Jodie Foster!
15. Favorite movie soundtrack? Groove
16. Best experience going to the movies: OMG, when i went to see "Moonrise Kingdom" with my friend Maria, this cute shaggy haired indie guy accidentally knocked over my small coke, and he apologized and the next thing i know, he went out and purchased a large coke and gave it to me..awwww..soooo sweet!!! Some guys are just soo amazing!
17. Fav. actors? Steve Buscemi & Edward Furlong
18. Fav. actresses? Christina Ricci & Goldie Hawn
19. Last movie you watched? Taxi Driver.
20. Favorite comedy movie? The Party
21. Movie quote you live by? "i can't relate to 99% of humanity" - Seymour/Buscemi in Ghost World.
22. Movie quote that will always make you laugh? "pretty shitty city" (Twin Town), i actually say this quite often when i'm with my friends and i do a little dance when i'm saying it which cracks them up every time.:D
23. Film(s) you�ve watched on a date? Napoleon Dynamite
24. Favorite teen movie? The Craft.
25. Favorite superhero film? Austin Powers, haha.
26. Favorite cop film? Compliance.
27. Favorite road trip film? Almost Famous
28. A movie that not many have heard of that you�ve seen? Daisies 1966 and Go Ask Alice, yay for youtube!!
29. Favorite sci-fi movie? Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind.
30. Movie you completely nerd-out over every time it�s mentioned? Star Wars,haha.
31. Movie that you�ve seen all the behind-the-scenes action for? Rear Window at Universal Studios..that was so amazing!!
32. Most visually stunning movie you�ve seen? Kiyaanisquatsi.
33. A movie your parents introduced you to? Indiana Jones movies (my dad) and Breakfast Club (mom).
34. Favorite genre? horror.
35. Least favorite genre? action.
36. Horror movie that didn�t scare you? Amytville Horror. I love this movie!!
37. Favorite remake of an old movie? Talented Mr.Ripley.
38. A movie that started a passion for you? Woodstock 69
39. The main movie you remember from your childhood? Romeo + Juliet, i guess.
40. A movie you recently saw and loved. Maybe I'll Come Home In the Spring - 1971 Sally Field film..it's soo good!!


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