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5:52 p.m. - 2014-05-23
Flea Market

Wow, its been hectic, finished all the costumes for the recital, plus headpieces (the ones for the Gumballs were inspired by Meadham Kirchoff's pom-pom headbands), then i only have two weeks of classes before FREEDOM ensues in great waves of summer fun!! I'm also working my butt off at the flea market on weekends. Luckily i was able to relax and relieve all stress by going to the skate park with friends and actually being involved in creating grafitti art inside the tunnel. The place is so magical and reminds me of the movie "Xanadu". Stew dyed the tips of my hair in Manic Panic's rockabilly blue and i'm looovin' it!!

Lovin' lately: Colorshow's blue bombshell nailpolish, watching Columbo Thursday nights, Amarcord vintage shop in New York (can't wait to visit it!!), Ryan Gosling leggings, Lazy Oaf's summer Tokyo carnival collection, watermelon tourmaline ring, crystal crowns, rosemary ice-tea, popcycles, unicorn t-shirts, rainbow plants, rediscovering Brit. pop bands of the 90s.


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