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2:36 p.m. - 2014-05-14
you're in my heart

This weekend was filled with thrills..starting Friday going to Burlington and having fun at the mall. I got into a great conversation with a cute guy at the cash at HMV coz he was happy that i love Nirvana as much as he does and he told me that his uncle went to see them live..lucky them!!! He said he really wanted to be back then to see them live..yeah me too! Then me and mom went to eat dinner at Ikea and OMG!!! i saw a sex-god with indie curly longish hair and the guy looked like Rob Harvey from The Music..i have this huge crush on Rob so yeah i got super-excited! When i went to get ketchup for the fish n chippies, he suddenly appeared in front of me, he was getting mustard, i think, at this point i went all fuzzy, lol. Could i been delusional about this sudden attraction? Well, it could've been a fantasy on my part but i could've sworn he blushed! We passed by his table and he was either sitting with his girlfriend, or mum, or sister or friend, i don't know. Even his voice sounded like Rob's! They left before we finished our dessert so i was hoping at this point that i'd catch up to him, then we went downstairs and he wasn't anywhere in sight and i got sad, so then i had to go to the piddly-diddly department and had to go back upstairs, then we went to the dining room areas, and then we went back through the kiddie place and he was right there walking in front of us!! He glanced back and had a smile on his face, then i figured it was his mom he was with and she was telling him to go look at something, so we waited for the lift and i didn't see him. We looked around a bit downstairs, and then we came back to kitchen area and i told mom we should take a short cut to the plants and right when i went through the open doorway, he was right there again..omg, i was soo embarrassed coz he knew then that i must be stalking him,lol!! He started to blush a deep crimson and had this lopsided grin on his face and then i started to blush! Then we were lining up at the cash and next thing i know, he's right behind me..OOOOOOOOOOOOOH!!!! When did that happen?? He looked at me and smiled at me and he was very shy and yeah i'm totally shy too so we were like looking at our feet most of the time. All that time, the song "Take the Long Road and Walk It" was going through my wonky brain. Gawd how I wish he was in my school!!!Then me and mom headed to Fortino's and i was hoping he'd go that way too, but sadly we lost each other after Ikea.:(

We got free tickets for the opening night of Cabaret at the Shaw Festival on Saturday night from Jenny Wright who played Freulein Kost in the show, my mom teaches her daughter ballet. We had pretty good seats. The dancing was awesome, the singing was spot-on! It was a great evening!

1. my Doctor Who police box skirt i got at Hot Topic
2. Bowie Aladdin Sane t-shirt
3. Abbey Road Beatles bag

Mother's Day was fun, it was very warm and sunny and summer-like so we spent the day walking at the Gardens..there were tulips everywhere. We petted a beautiful horse and had KFC picnic.

Unfortunately the New York trip is on hold..me and my friends are definitely planning on going in November. My grandma was supposed to fly over for the summer but she has to redo her passport so she can't come until September. The Recital is coming along..i've finished all the costumes and now i just have to work on headpieces, i'm looking forward to a restful summer after school is over.


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