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5:15 p.m. - 2014-04-22
a daniel clowes easter

Spent Easter weekend having fun with friends and family. On Sunday, went with my friends Stew and Maria and we walked in St. Paul's street where the vinyl record shop was open and we had fun browsing..i was at the glam rock section dressed in Bowie t-shirt and bellbottoms, Maria at the 90s grunge section dressed in long boho skirt, and Stew at the 80s New Wave section with pink/purple streaks in his spiked hair. This is how i'd imagine us in a Daniel Clowes movie. We ate vegan pizza at the artsy cafe where we sat for quite a while chatting about feminist issues, the dream i had with Richard Quest (OMG, get outta my head, dude!!..thankfully it wasn't a sexually dream), art, Wolf of Wall Street, and cheering at a guy with a double mohawk who was walked in with a Great Dane.

Easter Monday the weather was ginormously grand!! It felt like summer again all day. I was able to wear shorts and i painted my nails to look like watermelons. We went to the park to play tennis only there was no net anywhere. It's like the movie Blow-Up when the mimes played with no ball..we played with no net, haha! Ate almond croissants while sitting on warm concrete. Climbed up a giant mushroom statue. Ahhhhhh..SUMMER! i think i need therapy coz i can hardly wait for sweltering heatwaves, swimming in the lake, walking barefeet everywhere, burning my ass off on hot sand, getting brain freeze from super cold popsicles..etc..


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