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5:12 p.m. - 2014-04-16
itchycoo park

I have the weirdest dreams..i was in a hotel sitting at the bar and i was approached by a guy dressed in a 1950s grey pressed suit with his dark hair slicked back fashionably and he looked so much like Dick York in Bewitched and i was dressed like a 1950s pin-up girl with Monroe hair and he struck up a conversation with me. I told him that he looks so 1950s and he grinned and then some burlesque dancer walked into the room and he forgot about me..all the while, there was some crazy ass guy outside trying to park his big monster truck and he kept on ramming it into cars and then he took off, and then he came back and rammed his car into the entranceway of the hotel, and then he rammed it into a garbage bin and then the cops showed up and caught him. Then the Dick York guy went outside with his dancer friend, and i was upset until some guy drove up in his convertible which resembled the one that JFK rode in and i said to the guy "wow, i feel like Jackie Kennedy!" and i got in. Can't remember the rest.

Sunday we got one day of spring..finally! It was so warm and sunny. I wore my Warhol Campbell soup t-shirt, black & white striped mini skirt, white knee-highs, and my saddle shoes. Went to the park and had yummy hot-dog and chip mix. I took pics of a girl dressed as an anime figure..my friend Maria thought she was a raccoon and i thought she was a red panda but she was a mountain something. I held a python again with other people, it was like a snake chain, Maria freaked out, she didn't want to hold it. The snake was very clean coz she just had shed her skin and snakes don't smell. There were baby rats..soo adorable..nope not for the snake, thankfully, the babies are going to be brought to the petshop. We walked around taking pics of spring blossoms, old barn, and had chocolate monkey ice-cream.

Twiggy and her boyfriend, Justin de Villeneuve..source:georgeharrisongs

My friend Stew's mom gave me a huge bag full of 60s mod clothes..wow! i was soo thrilled!! (included an authentic Mary Quant mini dress, red buckle shoes (size 6)my size, yay! and some oversize sunglasses..). There's this groovy diner near Stew's apartment that just opened up and its very vintage-y and it has the best curly fries and vegan burgers in town and a real live jukebox that plays tunes from Johnny Cash to Beatles to Nancy Sinatra etc..its fun pretending to be Enid Coleslaw and waiting for Seymour to show up and order his giant glass of milk, lol. Its fun to watch interesting people come in (nope, no satanists so far), the decor is amazing, there's vintage black and white photos of Arizona everywhere, plus Elvis, the diner seats are green glitter vinyl, their vanilla milkshakes are super delish!

Only one and a half more months of school, yay! I'm sick of studying. I'm sick of outspoken skinny jeans clones in the halls. I'm sick of getting up early in the morning.


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