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8:08 p.m. - 2014-03-25
i knew there was something fishy

Went on a road trip yesterday to Ikea and we stopped off at the mall as usual..it was sooo AWESOME!! I did a lot of birthday shopping..i wanted to get creepers real bad, but unfortunately, Hot Topic were out of them..the girl there told me that they sold the last pair not long ago..darn! My friends tell me that creepers are the ugliest shoes they ever saw..i don't know, i've always wanted a pair since a while back when i got into rockabilly and Horrorpops. Anyways, i found the most amazing Beatles t-shirt i ever saw! And i got loads of groovy stuff but its packed away for my b-day..i got postcards of these amazing pin-up girl perfumes that Hot Topic were selling..these were on sale for $11.49! regular price is $17.00. There were sales everywhere. We went to Sirens (which is way WAY better than the one we have here!)..yeah, everything is better in Burlington. Sirens actually had a gorgeous giant chandelier hanging down right in the middle of the store..the whole place looked posh. Then of course, we headed to Forever21..OMG, there were so many great stuff and i found a pair of faux black creepers but they were a size 9 and i'm a size 6, 6&1/2 and 7, if that makes much sense..haha. Then, at the front of the store, i found creepers..but they were both the left shoe in size 7 and 8, some idiot tied 2 pairs of lefties together..ugh!! You can imagine my freakin' frustration! So once again, i am creeper-less. Do you know how freakin'; hard it is to find a pair of creepers in Canada?? yeah i know they have them in Toronto somewhere but i can't get there, so there. But i don't know if i really want them anymore. Anyways, i thought i'd buy a buckle boot shoes from Zara's but they didn't have really good sales there, i did bag retro looking stuff that was on the sale rack..i will post pics, i just been so busy with school and work, but i promise i post pics soon.

The one i got was Cindy which smells a bit like honeysuckle and it said on the box.."a true cowgirl, Cindy enjoys square dancing, BBQ, and rolling in the hay. She was scouted as a pin-up girl by some Hollywood type. Come on y'all".
At Ikea, we ate dinner..haddock n chippies, and almond cake, and elderflower cupcake, and those almond icing round thingies. Didn't buy much there just stuff we needed..Then the biggest disappointment came when we went to Fortino's to order their incredible oven baked pizza..the whole store has drastically changed..no more best pizza on earth, unbelievable how the best things always end! It totally sux!! They moved things around, the cafe place that was across from the pizza place that sold European pastries, well that's gone too. They have a place there that makes pizza but the girl there said that their pizza takes a long time to make & it looked super greasy..YUCK! And she also said that many people are complaining about the changes and they want their pizza place back too. I just don't get the way things are..if people loved the pizza, why the hell take it away and put worse stuff around?? The pizza place also made yummy vegan sandwiches. They also cut down the huge make-up section they had and it now resembles Zehrs a lot more. Fortino's used to be unique but it just sux now. Umm..the cafe chairs have been replaced by hard metal tables and chairs and also, the eating section is not as big as it was before. Their Montreal bagels used to be done fresh, but now they were all soggy looking so i didn't bother. The weather also sux beyond suck! We're still stuck in January..today it was even snowing and its supposed to be minus 20 windchill. I can only hope that on Monday, it will be spring-like on my birthday and going to see Wes Andersen's movie The Grand Budapest Hotel.


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