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7:20 p.m. - 2014-03-12
i was a ghost world character

It's March Break for me now, so i've been working on the recital costumes since we learned that the competition has been cancelled this year..what a bummer! I've also been working on the weekends at the flea market since the girl i work with now has a retro booth there. I looove working there so much!! I get to pick out stuff when it comes in and get a discount. We're right next to a lady who sells antique jewelry from the 20s/30s/40s, and flapper clothing. Today i felt like channeling Enid Coleslaw, so i had ghost blue hair streaks, wore my purple star print dress which i got at Peach Berzerk, green tights, blue converse, black rimmed cat's eye glasses, turquoise cardigan coz its chilly there.

Yesterday, me and Stew went to Out of the Past and i got some b-day stuff + a long live vinyl button, hippie jeans, a long hippie skirt with lace flower detail on bottom..Stew got a cool suede hippie floppy hat. Then we walked to the artsy cafe down the street which feels like we're in Manhattan, there's a bar counter wall which is full of amazing stickers including "i heart New York" etc..umm..we shared a pear tree flatbread pizza that had onions (i took mine off coz onions make my stomach burn), garlic, gargonzola cheese, blue cheese, and pears..soooo yummy!! I'm also obssessed with cherry Italian soda. I order that everywhere i go lately. We looked at various photography and indie paintings from local artists on the walls. There was a hippie VW beetlebug painting which i would've loved to have but it was expensive. After that, we caught a bus and went to Salvation Army where i found the perfect dark kaki jacket for only $5.99! The ones at H&M were way too expensive. I love it when i can find clothing for a lot lot less at the thriftstore. I'm in the middle of creating art stuff..i want to make a giant dreamcatcher out of beads, also make some glitter John Lennon buttons, a groovy frame project, flower headbands etc..I was supposed to go out tomorrow with friends to see the planetarium, but not sure now coz of the huge snowstorm that hit today.


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