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8:04 p.m. - 2014-03-06
just a box of rain

Gosh its been a long while since i've updated..umm..been so busy with school + work. Went over to Stew's flat for the Oscar party..had vegan brownies + eco choccie + nutz + cinammon and sugar popcorn + pineapple mango smoothies while we watched. Loved Ellen's pizza party..that was way way groovy! It was fun to see the stars grabbing a slice like Julia Roberts loves cheese pizzas as much as i do, and Harrison Ford being a regular joe..my dad would've gotten a big kick out of his fav. star eating pizza. Umm.."Gravity" won way too many awards for a movie that was so underwhelming. I found the whole night as boring as the dresses the stars wore..no eye-popping originality at all.

It's no where near spring over here..still have way too much snow on the ground, its been snowing again, its been sooo freakin' cold..i really want to start wearing my leather jacket and window pane skirt.

I've went thrifting..got a 70s tiered long skirt, a beaded African bracelet with elephants on it (i love elephants!), a 50s orange polka dot muslin scarf.

I didn't know its the year of the horse..i've been wearing my horse print skirt i sewed a while back.

Lovin': dollhouse barbie pink winter tights, lion chain necklace, sally hansen's brisk blue nailpolish, bourjois paris ultra black 60s inspired eyeliner, revlon's black cherry lipstick, homemade shepard's pie, galaxy print joggers, crop sweaters, blueberry green iced-tea, white doc marten vinyl boots, Betsey Johnson lip umbrella, quartz necklaces, cosmic conciousness, spring pastels, and the beaded kandi dreamcatcher i made.

Saw 2 movies last night, "The Hunt", a Danish drama with Danish sex-god Mads Mikkleson, he plays a kindergarten teacher who is wrongfully accused of sexually behaviour with a little girl who happens to be his best friend's daughter. She makes up a horrible lie that destroys his life forever. It's so sad! "The Butler" was disappointing, it just dragged on and on, much like the bad weather.

Been listening to a lot of Grateful Dead music and bringing back memories of going to the Jerry Garcia vigil when i lived in Ottawa and standing with total strangers holding hands and chanting "No rain! no rain!" when it started to pour down, dancing to some old hippies bongo drums, wishing it didn't rain so i could get hair wraps.


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