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5:48 p.m. - 2014-02-19
passing out the pieces

I spent the entire weekend in Toronto visiting a friend, she lives in an incredible condo on the 9th floor..a little too high for me! I'm soo afraid of heights, anyways, she's an artist like me and it was fun creating artwork while i stayed there. We also went to Queen Street and went to Urban Outfitters..i got a John Lennon People For Peace poster, Anna Sui beauty box, and a vintage denim patch wrap skirt which im super in love with!! We also went to Fusia Dog for dinner..yummy kim chee and chop suey!! Then we went thriftshopping, she showed me all the groovy spots which i missed last time around..like Cabaret Vintage which sells lots of flapper dresses and accessories for guys and dolls..we both bought a flapper dress..mine with black tassels and hers silver. Another day we just spent in her apartment creating stuff and then we went out to see the movie Vampire Academy which was soo good! Its about a 17 yr.old girl who studies in St.Vladimir's Academy with others who exist at mortal vampires. This girl is a half vampire/half human who must survive her race. You have to read the book to actually know exactly whats going on. But its a fun movie and i liked it better than the Hunger Games.

I've been listening to this guy a lot lately! Umm..oh yeah watched the free dance figure-skating and happy that the disney couple won..don't they look like Prince Charming and Jasmine?? Watched also two boring movies.."The Fifth Estate", only took it out coz im super-crushing on Daniel Bruhl but i didn't like him with his beards, and "Diana" which i thought focused way too much on her love affair with a Pakistani surgeon..never knew that! Ummm..i wish they would have went into more on the actual night she died and the cause of her death from those paparazzi monsters. Anyways, i've been making 70s groovy flowers out of felt to make one wall of my room full of them coz i can't order the actual original stickers, so yeah, it actually works out of felt.


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