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3:53 p.m. - 2014-02-06
sugar magnolia

Hiya Peeps! Yes, i know its been a while but i've been super-duper busy with school + work at the thriftshop + drama club..we've done a tribute to Philip Seymour Hoffman on Monday by discussing his movies and his characters and then doing some sketches, i picked his character from "Almost Famous" which i thought suited his personality the most. Its so sad that he's gone. There was a really bad snowstorm yesterday, all classes were cancelled, mom had to cancel her ballet classes too. Oh, i've been helping mom choreograph Competition numbers too + ordering costumes online (i don't have time to make them but i will be making the Recital costumes for some of the numbers). All this snow sux!!! And its soo freakin' cold all the time!! I'm really excited about the winter olympics..can't wait to watch the opening ceremony tomorrow! I've been super passionate about fashion and starting to get back into hippie stuff lately..i've been having fun surfing the hippie shops like
gypsyrose - hipmountainmama - trippystore..also been looking at fractal art and psychedelic art and listening to the Grateful Dead and Kula Shaker..it helps me forget the long yucky winter better. I'm still into 50s/60s mod/70s fashion too..i just love everything and i love mixing new stuff with the old, i just love fashion so much, its a way to express myself and be creative in a unique way. Makes me sooo happy and of course the freakin' beautiful invention that is MUSIC! If it weren't for music, i don't know where i'd be. Today i forgot my pill-shaped earphones and i thought i'd literally die in my seat at school. Jean overalls are making a comeback..WOOT! WOOT! that is like one of my most fav. fashion items ever..they're super-comfy and i can slouch in them and wear anything underneath..in the summer, i plan to wear them with my hippie crocheted vest and a tanktop. Already, Urban Planet is full of them, i've already had jean overalls for a while from a thriftshop..i don't normally follow trends so it was exciting to see it coming back on the runways. I think 2014 is gonna be a fab year for fashion, what'ya think?

Watched 2 movies..Dallas Buyers Club..Mathew McConaughey was really gr8 in it!! Don't like this actor but i liked him in this movie. First off, the title was misleading for anyone who doesn't know what it really means..i thought it was about a car dealership doing illegal stuff but really its about a cowboy who finds out he has aids & doesn't like the way the system is treating him & others in the same situation so he forms a club to give himself and others the proper medicare help even though the government shuts him down and tells him that he is selling illegal drugs, even though those drugs are working better. Jared Lehto was brilliant as a drag queen!!
The Woody Allen movie Blue Jasmine was a big disappointment! I think he does way better movies when it has murder in it and mystery..also Cate Blanchett's character was confusing, i just couldn't feel sorry for her and why is she getting an Oscar?? i thought Greta Gerwig was soo much better in Frances Ha but she isn't well known, it sux don't it. Anyways, Cate used the same personality and voice as she did in Talented Mr. Ripley.

Lovin' lately: L'Oreal's Vintage Vinyl nailpolish (only it chips real fast!), St.Ives Hydrate cucumber melon body lotion, Covergirl's 2-in-1 Bombshell mascara, zebra print mini skirt, cat t-shirts, cat leggings, loaded curly fries and blueberry turnovers at Arby's.


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