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4:34 p.m. - 2014-01-30
"happiness is your biggest enemy. it weakens you. puts doubts in your mind. suddenly you have something to lose. "

OMG..the Oscars are just around the corner and the best movie i've seen this year is "Rush"!!! I can't imagine WHY Ron Howard's brilliant directing and brilliant movie is not up for Best Picture?? Its such a moving piece of work..its about the rivalry between 2 Formula One racers in the 1970s..James Hunt, a British yum-yum played by Australian yum-yum Chris Helmsworth and Austrian Niki Lauda is played by cute actor Daniel Bruhl. It mostly centers around Lauda's horrible accident in the 1976 German Grand-Prix circuit and James feeling responsible for it, also there's loves of their lives, and the struggles and passions they both felt for racing etc..its such a great movie that i totally want to go out and buy it!(title of by blog is what Lauda/Bruehl says in the movie). Also watched "Captain Phillips" and of course Tom Hanks was great as usual..i found parts of the movie a bit slow-paced especially when he was taken hostage in that little floating container..it was a good movie yeah but i doubt i'd want to watch it again.

Saw the Grammies..i was happy that Daft Punk won quite a few awards..love their disco song Lucky a lot. I just wish they'd remove those silly robot helmets!! My mom kept on asking me..what do they look like?? What was up with Madonna dressed as a freakin' Amish person? For some reason, i thought of that Johnny Depp movie "Secret Window" when he battles against his alter ego, the man in the huge Amish hat. How groovy is Paul McCartney's psychedelic piano??

School is going okay, its soo cold in the classrooms that i have to wear my Hello Kitty pj pants and a heavy sweater..ugh! Went over to Stew's place last night and we drank cinammon hot chocolate with giant marshmellows and watched Top Chef in Hawaii..yess, please take me there!!

Lovin': crystal tea light holders, Elvis movies, palm reading maps, homemade vegan tacos, pastel cotton candy clothes, art umbrellas, vintage unicorns, popcorn with candy hearts, tutu skirts, clear 80s toys, plant pillows, painting experiments, toast plates, moon shaped plant holders, 3-D make-up looks, Chinese New Year orange kitkat, Sweet Valley High books.


1. Truck Stop Girl - The Byrds
2. Big Wheels Keep On Turning - Lynyrd Skynyrd
3. Super CB Operator - Kula Shaker
4. Highway Star - Deep Purple
5. All I Do Is Drive - Johnny Cash
6. Feeling Good - The Sheepdogs
7. My America - A Camp
8. The Long and Winding Road - Beatles
9. Turn To Stone - ELO
10. Who Made Who - AC/DC
11. Follow Me - Cuff the Duke
12. Bones - Misty Miller
13. Roll On Down the Highway - The Donnas
14. Midnight Special - C.C.R.

Tonight on CNN at 9:00 pm is the British Invasion..can't wait!! Never-before-seen footage of the Beatles!


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