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7:13 p.m. - 2014-01-14
trippin' like i do

Friday i had a blast going on a road trip to Burlington..it was pretty warm outside so i could be my hippie self..i wore my Janis faux fur hat, hippie dress, tights & long brown boots. I wore my hair in long curls, & star stickers on my cheeks..while i was looking at a hippie coat in Zara, this pretty girl who works there came up to me & asked me if i needed any help & i said no thanks & then she said to me "you are very cute! so cute!", wow! & then she told another worker after she left "that girl is so cute!", thats the 2nd time i got a compliment inside Zara & its funny that i get the best compliments when i only get 3 hours of sleep,lol! I spent $91 at Forever21 which i've never done before but there were sooo many sales..WOOT!WOOT! I got a retro style leather jacket with buckle & i've already put all my buttons on the lapels(i think its called lapels?? or flaps??), also, flower print bellbottoms, a sunflower crown, & a Nirvana dress for only 6 bucks! After the mall, we headed to Ikea, my most fav. place on earth! & we went right away to the restaurant upstairs & it was still packed at 7:30 pm, but we still managed to get a spot at the window. OMG, their haddock & chips was sooo good & elderflower cupcakes..mmmmm!! We mostly shopped for the kitchen, its now green/white boho theme, had to change the drawer knobs etc..umm..

Went to 3 different thriftshops last night and got plain white t-shirts, 1970s daisy print dress.

I discovered this new band..Mystic Braves formally known as Blackfeet Braves..they are from Echo Beach Los Angeles and they have a groovy psychedelic sound..y'all check em out..


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