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7:13 p.m. - 2014-01-14
trippin' like i do

Friday i had a blast going on a road trip to Burlington..it was pretty warm outside so i could dress up 60s mod..i wore my pink beret, 60s polyester dress with white belt, green tights & doc martens. I wore my hair in two ponytails & black eyeliner..while i was looking at Nars products in Sephora, this pretty girl who works there came up to me & asked me if i needed any help & i said no thanks & then she said to me "you are very cute! so cute!", wow! & then she told another worker after she left "that girl is so cute!", thats the 2nd time i got a compliment inside Sephora & its funny that i get the best compliments when i only get 3 hours of sleep,lol! I spent $91 at Forever21 which i've never done before but there were sooo many sales..WOOT!WOOT! I got a retro style leather jacket with buckle & i've already put all my buttons on the lapels(i think its called lapels?? or flaps??), also, retro flower print bellbottoms, a roses flower crown, Campbell soup t-shirt, Guns n Roses crop top, & a Nirvana dress for only 6 bucks! Then we went to Zara's & man, their changeroom policy sux!!! i love to get opinions when im trying on stuff & so does my mom but i had to wait outside the changeroom..a lot of people were complaining too & so that guy told us that its cuz some people sawed off the beeper tags..WTF?? like why?? Zara's isn't even expensive..they have similar prices to H&M. Weird, huh? After the mall, we headed to Ikea, my most fav. place on earth! & we went right away to the restaurant upstairs & it was still packed at 7:30 pm, but we still managed to get a spot at the window. OMG, their haddock & chips was sooo good & elderflower cupcakes..mmmmm!! We mostly shopped for the kitchen, its now green/white mod theme, had to change the drawer knobs etc..umm..i got doll furniture for all my miniature blythe dolls & pink carpet for my bedroom.

It's been warm and slushie for days, my arms are still sore from carrying all those bags..i have shopping-itis. Watched the Golden Globes which were dead boring as usual..lol, Emma Thompson was totally drunk, wanna see "American Hustle" so bad!! umm..i liked Reese Witherspoon's dress the most, it reminded me of the dress Carrie wears to the prom except in a pretty shade of green and Reeses hair is the same as mine. I also want to see "Mandala", "The Butler", "Gravity", and that dealers club movie, forgot the title.

Went to 3 different thriftshops last night and got plain white t-shirts, a 1966 Hairdo book, Sweet Valley High books, a 70s daisy print dress, and a 1950s pleated polka dot skirt which they are selling as a dress on atomiccherry.com.au. I only need a pair of saddle shoes and thanks Stew for telling me that i can get them at Payless.

I discovered this new band..Mystic Braves formally known as Blackfeet Braves..they are from Echo Beach Los Angeles and they have a groovy psychedelic sound..y'all check em out..


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