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6:33 p.m. - 2014-01-07
dreamin' of summer not stinkin' winter

I'm sooo excited for the new year!! Me and friends are planning a trip finally to New York!!! Super-SUPER-DUPER excited!!!!!! Can you tell?LOL. Annnnd we are going to be staying at a hotel near the infamous Dakota..the hotel where John Lennon stayed + where they filmed Rosemary's Baby. I swear im gonna be in tears and eating during the entire trip.

I wish it was summer already!!!! The weather stinks..minus 30 windchill for days now + ice storm which hit before Christmas Eve + snow squalls + way too much cold and snow..SUX SUX SUX!! classes have been cancelled until Thursday so ive been stuck inside the house for a while now, and basically organizing my room, and we put away all the x-mas decorations, took down the trees etc..my friend Stew is stuck at the airport, been chatting on the phone with my other friends who are also stuck indoors. Global warming my ass!!!

My mood has been going up and down like a rollercoaster lately and so has my taste in music..i'll be listening to Hunx and His Punx and then switcheroo to Rosie and the Originals. During the break i've seen tonz of movies..Jobs, Violet & Daisy, Frozen, Saving Mr. Banks, Daisies, Blues Brothers, Peggy Sue Got Married etc. And i found some inspirational summery photos to put a smiley on my face. I'm thinking of dying my hair fiery red but scared to in a way coz ive been blonde all my life pretty much. but its good to be BOLD!

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