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4:33 p.m. - 2014-01-03
studio 54 came alive

Wow, another new year! It seems that i am once again alone here, not that i mind coz i can really talk about my personal thoughts more than ever before and not have to worry that anyone is actually gonna care to read it and then i will feel so embarrassed writing about stuff that i wouldn't have dared to write about before. Like the time i questioned my sexual gender..im sure that everyone goes through a period in their lives when they try to figure out..am i interested in the same sex? or do i like boys? that happened to me in grade 9 when i was waiting at the bus stop early in the morning on a crisp September day a few days after the first day of school when i noticed a really pretty girl with permed short blond hair coming to my bus stop. My heart did double flips which i've never experienced before & i wanted to run out to the hair salon & get a perm right away too & cut my hair short. I learned later on that day that she didn't go to my school as she got off a few stops before me & my heart sank. I couldn't stop thinking of her for days & i did eventually get my hair cut & get it permed but then i realized that i wasn't in love with her, i was actually in love with her style..funny, huh? I also learned that i was fully attracted sexually to boys, but even after that i was always fashionally attracted to certain females..excited by their styles, hairdos, etc..wanting to be them, idolizing them, never sexually attracted to them. So yeah im pretty much straight & in love with boys/men..oh not to mention the fact that i was always attracted to older men, something about their mature sex-appeal drove me wild. I am forever wanting to marry Jose Mourinho even tho he is like 50 years older than me,hahaha. He is just soo goddamn sexy!!

Christmas was spent wonderfully with my family and friends. I was very happy with my pressies and made me realize how thankful i am for my life and everyone in it. I don't know where i would've been without the endless support of my parents throughout my life even tho my dad has been gone for 3 years, the love and guidance he gave me means a lot to me still.

New Year's Eve was FUNNNN..we had friends over, the theme was one night only Studio 54 disco so everyone had to come in a disco-esque outfit. I also did some rollerskating in the studio to Xanadu soundtrack..we had a moving disco ball, Stew did most of the in-house dj-ing since he thinks of himself as Disco King. I made hor dorves..dijon egg finger sandwiches, cucumber cream cheese finger sandwiches, olives, pate, crackers, tons of cheeses, grapes, etc..mulled wine punch, then we watched Times Square countdown..it was a great night but also a cold one (-25 windchill) yuck!! but once the dancing started, we all warmed up real fast. Its been cold ever since New Year's and also me and mom are still stranded indoors since we got a pile of snow for 2 days & also its just too cold to even want to go outside! Tomorrow this guy we know is gonna snowblow the driveway so we can get out finally. Yesterday we watched back to back episodes of Flea Market Flip and it made me want to go to the flea market. Also during the holidays watched "Lawrence of Arabia" (boring movie!! BOOOORING!! i fell asleep but hey mom wanted to watch it coz Peter O' Toole died. I liked him in "Beckett" which we also watched, ummm..other movies.."200 Cigarettes" the bestest New Year's movie!! "Blues Brothers", "Royal Tennenbaums", "Fun With Dick and Jane"(the original 70s version of course!), "54"..

Since after Christmas been watching Charlie's Angels Season 4 on the dvd i got for x-mas and its gotten me back into the 70s fashion & the 1966 foreign movie "Daisies" has gotten me back to the 60s again.

I also want to remember the top events of 2013 that made that year so much fun..the Rookie Mag meet-up party in Toronto, the Bowie exhibit, seeing Rocky Horror Picture Show live with friends, photography 101, thrift bazaar and working part-time in a thriftshop, joining drama club and performing on stage, my grandma's visit in the summer and having fun with her again, umm..yeah i think thats about sums up the year for me.

2014 GOALS:

hmmm..going to see a roller derby live, try to draw more and paint more, be more creative than lazy, go to a proper rollerskating rink (hopefully for my birthday!), rent out more movies than ever before, stay dedicated to my growing polyester collection, try to organize more..


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