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4:38 p.m. - 2013-12-05
"god, you're square!"

Been totally swamped with studying + I decided to join the drama studio not far from the college so that i would be less shy & its been so much fun!! Monday we did a short skit on the 1976 Taxi Driver movie where i got to play the part of Iris & i wore these amazing silver platforms & star framed sunglasses. I did mess up my lines though coz i got super nervous. We might be performing the Ice Space-Age Queen during the holidays which is going to feature Abba songs + disco alien outfits..GAAAAAH, on stage??? in front of people?? I don't know. I do love my drama teacher coz he is literally stuck in the 70s, he dresses in freakin' leisure suits & has wicked sideburns..YAY!!!!& the title of this page is a quote i get to say as Iris..soo fun!! Oh, i've also been making ugly Christmas sweaters for the bizarre next week with the help of my friend Maria who is really great at crafting too.

Also went thrifting..got a 1960s elf doll, a dark green knitted beret, flair legged jeans, beaded choker, blue turtleneck, a Charlie Brown Christmas t-shirt, a faux fur white hat (similar to the one Pennylane wears in Almost Famous) + a brown 1970s corduroy miniskirt with front pockets. Can't get enough of Williams candycane hot chocolate. Umm..yesterday i was super-tired so spent most of the evening lying on the couch with a mug of green tea & watched All In the Family, Top Chef + Little Miss Sunshine. Today the weather was +17 degrees! I wish all winter it would be that temperature! But tomorrow its gonna be +1..ugh! & i'm going to the Teddybear Workshop, i really want a red Christmas Hello Kitty plushie. Also going to the rock shop. Over the weekend, i'm gonna help decorate the dance studio + make a 1960s California gingerbread house. Hope everyone is gonna have a groovy weekend!


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