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3:54 p.m. - 2013-11-21
la prima estate

Had a blast thriftshopping with friends yesterday after classes..headed to Value Village where I tried on sooo many stuff..i really hate trying on stuff in the winter coz of all the layers i have to remove..its so much more easier in the summer! Anyways, i tried on this amazing 1950s/early 60s green gingham princess dress but unfortunately it was too tight & it killed me to leave it there. I ended up getting a slip dress with floral print (obviously i will wear this next summer with a jean jacket but its way too cold to wear this out now), a retro winter coat with pompoms & faux fur hood, red pearl necklace, & i found the exact same turtleneck 1970s top that Kate Hudson wears in "Almost Famous"..WOOT-WOOT!! My friends found some pretty good stuff too..it makes me happy when i can convert someone to thrifting :) Then we went for some yummy vegan pizza.

I'm on a quest to re-do my wardrobe with 60s/70s bright colours & prints..i've been ordering vintage stuff online too lately. I'm also getting back into the 1950s fashion route again. The seasons are changing & i am changing with them. The weather here has been effecting the way my mood is all week long..I can't seem to concentrate on school work or work in general. One day its totally freezing & make you want to stay at home sitting on the couch wrapped in a blanket drinking honey cammomile tea & watching Awkward re-runs & the next day its raining & don't even feel like getting out of bed & my hair goes all funny wishing that we celebrated Thanksgiving in November instead. My job at the vintage shop is going well, we are planning a Christmas Bazaar in mid-December which is getting me all hyped up!

This winter is gonna be about wrapping myself in thick blankets & watching warm summery beachy themed movies, cinammon hot chocolate with marshmellows, faux fur leopard print coats, Francesca Lia Block books (they always take me to warmer places in my mind), my homemade spicy apple curry soup, baking all sorts of cookies, zine-ing with friends, Revlon's matte lipstick collection, tea parties, 1970s winter fashions, long scarves, sudden road trips, velvet dresses, warm white tights, The Ice Storm movie (always gets me in the winter mood), listening to Italian pop, reading comics, girl groups of the 60s.


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