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7:08 p.m. - 2013-11-12
belching with the belchers

Yesterday after classes, me & friends went to St. Paul's street, and we spent the snowy chilly evening eating vegan pizza & having fun in Out of the Past thriftshop where I found the most AMAZING pink Chinese dress..it reminded me of something Iona would wear in Pretty In Pink with a bouffant hairdo jammin' to The Ronettes. I love this dress so much that i never want to take it off!! haha..Stew found a pair of elevator platform boots with straps & he had to hold onto me while he tried it on but it was just way too big, he towered over all of us like those circus people walking around on stilts. Then at night me & mom ate Chrupki which is a huge bag of Polish yumminess..puffs in grape, orange & cherry flavours..its similar to the UK's Rainbow Puffs. Watched War Games & decided that I have a crush on Matthew Broderick..i only ever saw him in Election but in this movie he is so much younger. I'd like a boyfriend like that, yes please!!

OMG..yeah Mercury is direct in 2 dayz which means y'all can go for a new change..new decorating scheme, new hairdo, a new dive to try out..(don't jump the wait like last year & chop off too much of your bangs like i did last winter & regretted it). There's not too much time tho coz Venus the love & beauty planet makes its cameo real soon..soo if i'm technically a pisces (i'm such a daydreamer, quirky & artsy so piss off Aries! which i'm born under--wrong sign!) anyways, as a pisces i look good in waterfall hair & curls & thats exactly what i'm sitting in today!


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