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6:19 p.m. - 2013-11-07
the remarkable toilet survey

I have a deep gutt phobia when it comes to using public washrooms..i don't know how it is for others, but for me its a nightmare especially when i have my period! So i decided to do a survey on them based on where i've been. I have to say that the best one is at Michael's, i cannot vouch for the other Michael's but this one is toilet luxury. They have on the wall a box that dispenses toilet tissue seat covers like the hotel had in Florida. The place is always immaculate & empty so i have the whole washroom to myself. Now onto the worst..the Timmy's on Clifton Hill could qualify as the worst bog in town, not as bad as the worst bog in Scotland shown in the movie "Trainspotting" but close enough. Especially during tourist season, there's like a floater in every toilet! Its one big mess..toilet paper everywhere, puddles of god knows what on the floor..i've walked out with toilet paper stuck to my shoes..YUCK!! the place also smells of piss & poop that Bath & Body Works could name a candle after. The place is also very packed that it takes at least 30 minutes or more & sometimes i wish i could just rush into the gents & relieve myself there! Which reminds me the last time i did that was at a White Stripes concert but it was by accident & didn't realize until i actually came out of the stall to see a line of guys pissing against the wall..SOOO EMBARRASSING!!! Okay, so the washroom at the Rainforest Cafe are bad also coz kids under 6 like to peek under the stall & watch others pee..NOT FUN! oh & the one at Williams Diner are way too small & cramped so i end up banging my elbows..OUCH! & there's no baby changing station like in Chapters..the poor lady had to change her 4 day old baby on the counter. So yeah, i try to avoid public washrooms as much as i can..oh i forgot, the one in the hotel where there's Timothy's Coffee place is also very good..its posh coz it belongs with the hotel..so you get to sit in a toilet stall that looks like something out of Trump Plaza, its big, comfy, & clean & when i go to wash my hands, they have tons of designer paper towels in a bamboo box.

I'm gonna try to make shrimp gumbo on the weekend since Top Chef New Orleans inspired me a lot. The thriftshop i work at had 50% off sale so i grabbed a pair of white rimmed cats eye sunglasses, 70s square patterned platform boots which are actually comfy to walk around in, silk coca-cola print pj pants, strapless polka dot tank top, & a red/black checkered puffed sleeve blouse. Another thing i've been rockin' lately is Rimmel's Retro Glam mascara which comes in a groovy MOD tube. It's really great on lashes. Ummm..what else..i got a pretty good mark on my project even though it fell apart in a stupid way. Someone told me that there are only 7 Tuesdays left before X-Mas..wow, time sure flies!


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