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5:16 p.m. - 2013-10-29
just a perfect day, problems all left alone, weekenders on our own, its such fun

I'm soooo excited about my new news...a friend of mine got me working with her at an antique shop that just opened down the street..WOOT-WOOT!!!! I started this weekend & its a BLAST!! It's like my second home amongst all this vintage greatness & to have a tea break sitting at a 1950s style diner set is HEAVEN!! The back room where the washrooms are, it looks like something right out of "Mulholland Dr."..David Lynch dreamyness!! I couldn't keep from buying a 1950s vintage hat with netting on my break! It also makes it even more fun working with my friend Lily!! We were in Halloween costumes wearing twin skeleton shirts & large spider hairclips in hair. I only work there on weekends coz i'm in school & other work during the week, so i have two jobs now :) Its now back to winter weather..ugh!!! last night it was -3 degrees. Bath & Body Works has this candle Pumpkin Pecan Waffles, & my room smells like a bakery..yummm!! Also found a great blue velvet dress at Sirens of all places! I've been after a dress like that since listening to Bobby Vinton's Blue Velvet! I'm a sucker for buying stuff out of songs.

On a really SAD SAD note..wonderful legend brilliant songwriter & influence on my life, Lou Reed, died on Sunday. I was feeling gloomy all day & still am.


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