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3:00 p.m. - 2013-10-23
going a go-go
On Saturday we celebrated my mom's birthday..we ate at The Keg near the Casino which had valet parking & we went up the 9th floor & the whole floor was packed as if there was a convention going on so we thought we'd have to wait a long time for a table but we were seated right away. I had yummy teriyaki chicken with pineapple salsa, mom had sirloin. I told the waitress that it was mom's birthday & she surprised us with a huge slice of jamocha almond fudge icecream cake complimentary!! Wowee, it was soo good!!! I actually wore my white vinyl go-go boots out. It was cold & raining all day. Mom opened up her pressies when we got home..i got her a big pink bottle of Chanel Chance. It was a fun day & mom enjoyed herself a lot.:)


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