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3:00 p.m. - 2013-10-23
going a go-go

I've been wearing black hair extensions in my blonde hairs to give me a Lily Munster look which i really lurve a lot!! My desk is a big pile of mess since i've been working on a school project. I've been thrifting a lot again..yeah coz i get the school bluez so i need to let off some steam in Goodwill or wherever thrifting takes me. I have to carve out two pumpkins today coz the Halloween Party is this Friday..i've decided to do one pumpkin as a huge evil eye thanks to the Franz song! The other will be a vampire. Been watching Halloween Wars on Food Network..gawd, some of these poeple are sooo talented!!!!

Thriftshopping Goodies: i've lately gotten into collecting scarves, so i got 3 more..a dotted one, a red with gold trim & a pink/purple stars print, a 1970s polyester mini dress, a Miss Sixty psychedelic print mini skirt, a necklace with black heart pendant, 2 Halloween pins (vampire bat + Frankenstein that says "one of us will be normal tomorrow"), a bag full of hair stuff, a 70s denim/lace tanktop..

On Saturday we celebrated my mom's birthday..we ate at The Keg near the Casino which had valet parking & we went up the 9th floor & the whole floor was packed as if there was a convention going on so we thought we'd have to wait a long time for a table but we were seated right away. I had yummy teriyaki chicken with pineapple salsa, mom had sirloin. I told the waitress that it was mom's birthday & she surprised us with a huge slice of jamocha almond fudge icecream cake complimentary!! Wowee, it was soo good!!! I actually wore my white vinyl go-go boots out. It was cold & raining all day. Mom opened up her pressies when we got home..i got her a big pink bottle of Chanel Chance. It was a fun day & mom enjoyed herself a lot.:)

1. NARS Andy Warhol eyeshadow palette
2. A button i got at Spencers of a persian cat that says "MEFUCKINGOW"
3. Spacegun keychain that makes zapping sounds
4. 1950s boyfriend cardigan
5. the band The Cramps
6. sheer lavendar tights
7. my Molly Mayhem zombie baby
8. green mystic metallic nails
9. apple cider floats


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