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4:56 p.m. - 2013-10-10
then i drift away into the magic night

The pink shag carpet in Stew's flat is super comfy to lie down on. I laid my head against his shoulder as we listened to the Autumn cd mix I made over the weekend thinking of ghostly thoughts + magical spirits. Stew's boyfriend scoots around us in his Aleksandar Macasev William S. Burroughs t-shirt. I think Cindy has given me her cold since I was at her house playing Bob Dylan songs on my guitar after we got bored studying. I got really hot so I went to slide open the door to the balcony, took off my gymn knee-highs & threw them at Stew's head. Just when I thought I was finished for the day, Lykke Li's I Follow Rivers starts to play & I start doing a modern dance routine I learned last week in mom's studio. I couldn't remember all the steps but it was fun especially when both guys joined me in the dancing. We looked like a proper dance troupe. Colds make me emotional as I hid under my celestial duvet cover at night. Mornings are the worse when I wake up not being able to breathe coz my nose is all stuffed up. Its hard enough to keep alert in class trying not to sneeze all the time.

I did go thriftshopping again..if I don't thrift in a while, I get withdrawal real bad & I hit rock bottom! So yeah, I went again & got a cute beret with sequins, a button that says "Music Brings Us Together", a long 70s ruffle layer skirt with tiny flower print, a red/white striped t-shirt, a plastic pink bangle, a blue round necklace, & Snoopy pj shorts. At Sunrise Records, picked up the new MGMT & Franz Ferdinand cds & I was able to order 2 films that I thought I'd never be able to get..the 1970s "Night Watch" horror film..the one with Liz Taylor, & "Picnic At Hanging Rock"..both films cost a lot but its worth every $$!! This weekend is Thanksgiving..we want to go to Port Dalhousie & ride the carousel since its the last weekend it will run before closing down for the winter. We're planning an Oktoberfest Party with friends, plenty of beer, my meatballs Koenigsberg-style, sauerkraut, schnitzel, apple strudel, Dutch Blitz card game, etc..


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