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7:15 p.m. - 2013-09-12
It's Been A Long Time Since I Rock n Rolled

I'm sooo thrilled that Autumn/Fall is approaching super-fast. It's my most fav. month..looking forward to horror films every night, pumpkin pie, candy-corn, going ghost hunting with friends, Oktoberfest with family & friends, Halloween decorations, Halloween Spirit store, carving pumpkins etc..i'm currently re-reading "The Virgin Suicides" & its so incredibly written even tho the Lisbon girls lives are so tragic. It's a perfect autumn vibes book. Even tho there's the prom scene which is spring-time, we always watch the film in October. I always feel at peace with myself when the leaves are falling off the trees, love the crispness of the air, love walks in the park, taking bubble baths, planning Halloween party, baking a lot, making dark mix cds..

Over the weekend went to this outdoor concert where there was a band playing Led Zeppelin songs..they were awesome..oh yeah & Lynyrd Skynrd songs too. They totally ROCKED MY WORLD!! There were vendors selling stuff out of their trailers..there was one with some vintage stuff..got a button that says "support 76 Olympic games"..WISH IT WAS 1976 winter olympics coming up instead of 2014. Also got a green sweater, a red t-shirt with black psychedelic print on it, a pink sweater & a blue/white striped sweater, & a lilac/white with sequins butterfly print 70s wraparound skirt. I made a batch of fried okra..i must've done something wrong coz it was pretty hard to chew & i didn't care for the taste at all..i wanted to try to make it myself forever coz here in Canada its not popular & you can't get it anywhere & i really wanted to taste it coz i've read that okra was Buddy Holly's fav. food. Sorry Buddy but i crapped it up & it tasted awful!

It's been two days of heatwave, been tired, watched Molly Ringwald 80s flicks at night, I really loved her style in Pretty In Pink..umm..loove Second Cup's peanut butter cupcakes. It rained hard today & its starting to cool down outside..my room is still soo stuffy!

Listening to a lot of this band + watching loads of Twin Peaks..


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