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7:05 p.m. - 2013-09-05
"She Lives In the Place In the Side of Our Lives Where Nothing Is Ever Put Straight"

Labour Day weekend was filled with thrilling stuff...went rollerskating in the park with friends, actually I was the only one with 4-wheels, the rest of my friends rollerbladed. I can't rollerblade coz my ankles are so bad they need 4-wheel support. Had picnic near the lake with a zillion uninvited mosquitos. Maria made homemade Pupusas, they are a traditional El-Salvador food wonder of the world!! OMG..i'm craving for one right now as I type this!!! Also did hiking up a strange slanty hill, made flower crowns out of camomile daisies, screamed real loud on top of the hill like in the film "Garden State", it felt real good to let off so much steam, we all felt better. Came home for an outdoor marshmellow roast & told ghost stories..I pretended we were at Camp Crystal Lake.

Last Friday me & mom did a road trip to Mapleview Mall..we had to drive through thick fog..it was super-scary! I'm proud of mom for doing that coz I would've totally freaked!! Went to Sephora & I bought mom the Betsey Johnson perfume Too-Too coz I have the BEST mom on earth!! I love spoiling her. Besides going to school, I've started working too..I'm collecting money for the costumes I'm going to be sewing + I get paid for being a Financial Advisor..yipeee!! So, where was I? Oh yeah..umm..I got myself the Betsey Johnson rollerball purse size..I love the scent a lot. Hot Topic was a huge disappointment..there was a guy there with long blond hair who thought he was all that..it was sickening! & the merchandise was over-priced. Forever 21 was FUN!! I got a D.A.R.E. crop top. Had a quick snack at Starbucks. Yummy Hello Dollies & wild berry ice-tea. Then we headed to Ikea. Got these 1960s print shower curtains for only 2 bucks. My mom has this habit of buying two so she can make a curtain for the window out of one of them so they will match,LOL. BTW, Sweden makes incredible orange & elder flower marmalade!!! I wish I would've grabbed two more bottles! The dining section was sooo over-crowded that we decided to skip dinner there & had Fortino's oven-baked pizza instead.

I'm sooo into the colour hunter green that I got nail polish, flower pins for hair, a sweater hoodie, & boots in that shade. Picked up the film I ordered.."Slums of Beverly Hills"..SOOO FUNNEEEEE!!! I want to get the latest I-Phone coming out soon..the I-Phone 5s so I can buy loads of covers for it. Me & my friends went to Dollerama & got these cute animal winter hats with flaps & we actually wore it walking home on the sidewalk..we got soo many weird stares..hahahaha! Mine is a tiger hat..ROOOOOOOAAAAAR!! They only cost like 3 bucks each. Yes, I splurged a lot this weekend.

School is going okay..I felt really tired this week & I nodded off a few times during some culinary terms that we have to memorize for this stupid pop quiz next week. This one guy in class is so irritating & asked me if I just came in from a square dance contest just coz I was wearing white cowboy boots with my country flower print dress..GAWD, LIKE WHATEVER! I know I looked good coz Stew told me that some guys were staring at me all ga-ga when I walked down the hall.

When I came home, my mom's friend was mowing our lawn & she brought Mr. Remington with her..he's this cuddly fat cute black cockapoodle doggie who is soo friendly..I looove when he comes for a visit. Makes me wish I had a dog. My cat Bobby was staring at him through the screen door & Remington wagged his tail at him..soo adorable!! I got my CAA memborship card in the mail today..its like the AAA for my American friends. It's nice to have in my wallet. Ummm..yay for the Kristoff Brothers getting into the final..if anyone is watching AGT, they are soo funny & strong & talented..they are my fav. to win!! Title quote is from a Psychedelic Furs song.


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