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12:03 a.m. - 2013-08-24
"excuse me while i kiss the sky.."

Ahhhhh..those tweenie daze gone by..back then i was all..who am i? i started discovering exciting things & thats when rock n roll hit me in big kahuna waves! My first love was Jimi Hendrix when my cousin gave me a vinyl album of his & i took off in a "purple haze". I loved all 3 guys in the band & even tried wearing my hair in an afro which was a total flop. Then of course my mom introduced me to The Beatles. At first i fell in love with Paul, then i wanted Ringo to hold my hand, then till this day its been all about John. Poor George, sorry dude! My fatuation with John all started when i rented out the film A Hard Day's Night which i watched with my then BBF & we had this collassol argument over which Beatle was the hottest looking..hers being Paul. "my Paul's better than your John!" vice versa..& then we listened to Sgt. Pepper & we were so moved by this album that we didn't know what to do with ourselves other then order Beatles posters, buy t-shirts, & other band merch. We knew everything there was to know about them as if we were living in the 60s when it all magically happened. We even sang our fav. Beatles songs in front of our families using deodorant bottles as microphones. I forget which song she sang a lot..i know one of the songs i sang was Revolution. It was sooo fun!! I also made a drum out of a plastic patio stool & used a light fixture for cymbols & i'd bang away pretending that i was drumming with Ringo. Sad really, huh? Then i read that John was influenced by Buddy Holly, so i ended up with tons of Buddy Holly cds. It took a while until we rented out "Quadrophenia" & then i fell head over heels for The Who! I was destined to be a rock child forever. I soaked up their music like i was the giant hoover in the film "Head"..okay which brings me to The Monkees..OMG, a few years back the tv played all their episodes & i became obssessed with Peter Tork. I even ordered a rare Monkees Photo Album just so that i could fantasize more on Peter. I became excited finally about the fashion world. After that i wouldn't be seen without flared jeans, mini-skirts, & some form of polyester or baby barettes in hair. Like Bob Dylan sang "knocking on heaven's door" rock n roll knocked on my door & ever since then i was glad to let it walk in.


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