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6:02 p.m. - 2013-08-01
Retro Outfit Dreams + Survey

Me & a friend have been working on a groovy section in our zine on outfits that we could only dream about. Maria's dream revolves around David Lynch films + strawberries + rolled up hay stacks by the side of the road + 57 chevys.

Her main style goal right now has been to become a mystical dark vintage-y princess..drifting towards everything black + quirky-gothic and 50s inspired. Her goal of the summer is to get black Steve Madden t-strap high heels & live in Elvis Presley's place.

My style goal for the Fall is Diane Keaton in "Annie Hall". I love the symplicity + feminine masculinity + quirkyness she brought to her role. Lately i've been obssessing over Woody Allen films + saddle shoes + oversized hats + Manhattan in the 1970s + Bob Dylan. My make-up consists of Essence nude lipstick.

Okay so other stuff happening: painted one of my walls in bedroom a spring thaw colour to get rid of the mint green. Last Friday went thriftshopping in Out of the Past coz it was their 20 year anniversary & most everything was 50% off. I got: big Bowie button + a 60s op dot blue dress + flower print capri pants + white ruffle mini-skirt + a big orange shag ball + pink ruffle lace ankle socks. Went to a vinyl record shop & got Double Fantasy ablum. Went to a vegan cafe & had hello dollies & vegan honey cookies. A lady there came up to me & loved my Ramones tank-top. She told me that she saw them live in Toronto in 1977!wow!Sunday watched back-to-back episodes of "American Haunting" OMG that show is super-scary!! Its like "Paranormal Activity". It starts from Day 01 & then the Last Day is when the evil goes away.

LOVIN': Revlon's vintage rose nailpolish + Betsey Johnson's TV show + my new retro 1974 travel bag which i will use for school + Maybelline's color show passionate plum nailpolish + Revlon's wild strawberry nailpolish + Rimmel's lash accelerator endless mascara.

Rented out "Side Effects". Didn't like it. It was confusing & boring. Then. Lana Del Rey's Best Story Ever Told which i should've AVOIDED!!!!! There was no music in it. 2 of her youtube interviews meshed into nothing really. A big joke. Most of the time her head kept moving out of screen in her 2nd interview. Whoever made this dvd is a RIP-OFF ARTIST!! It was like only 45 min. long. STUPID!!

1. Discover any bands/musicians you like recently?
Wavves + Rose Windows (thnx stew).
2. What time in history, in your opinion, is most interesting to study and why?
Totally the 1960s!! So much happened in that decade. Fashion. Music. Also love the 1970s. The Watergate Scandal always intrigues me. Um. Big cars. Bellbottoms. Rollerskating.
3. On a scale of 1-10, how well do you think you’d fare in prison?
like -500.
4. What is your favorite childhood memory?
Living in a condo was fun during Halloween. Me & Fab collected over 500 candies going from floor to floor & we didn't have to wear coats over our costumes.
5. Are you a leader or a follower?
I totally consider myself a leader & innovator.
6. Going to dress up for Halloween this year? If so, what are you going as?
HELL YEAH. Edie Sedgwick.
7. What’s a joke you really like to tell?
Why did Captain Kirk piss on Uhuru's head? he wanted to go where no man has gone before.
8. Favorite movie from this decade so far? (2010-present day)
Ghost World hands down!
9. Do you believe in ghosts?
I used to.
10. Favorite time of the year and why?
SUMMER. Its too cold in the winter here in Canada.


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