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2:29 p.m. - 2013-07-24
A Moonrise Kingdom of A Friday

There was lightning everywhere when we got to Target on Friday. Wow. What a storm. The downpours reminded me so much of Wes Anderson's gem Moonrise Kingdom. Made me want to run away to Rhode Island. Target was a BIG disappointment. Its so unlike the ones in the States. It reminded us of Walmart. BUT. Their make-up section RULEZZZZZ!!! When we got home the power went off. Lit up tonz of candles & we played with the ouija board which was spooky & fun at the same time. Sunday we fed the Japanese fish at Kurtz. Picnic in the park. Monday we ate at Ruby Tuesday. Me & mom shared a platter of spinach artichoke dip with various colors of tortilla chips. My nana had mustard chicken strips. Walked at the Horseshoe Falls. It was a great day out.

Tuesday before we took her to the airport we went into Toronto so that she could see the city for the first time. Went to Honest Ed's. This Toronto landmark will be closing soon. Soooo SAD!! I found these 2 cool t-shirts there:

Then Earl drove us to Kensington Market. I checked out Flashback thriftshops. Didn't buy anything there coz the retro dresses were overpriced at $60! I can get the same dress at Out of the Past for $20! Found an amazing bakery there with yummy pastries which were fresh! When we went to St. Lawrence Market the pastries we bought there tasted like a week old! UGH!! Never going there again! We detoured around until we found a German restaurant. Their perogies were awesome. It was such a loooooooog day coz we had to wait at the airport coz we got there to early & her plane didn't leave until 10:35 pm. It was hard saying good-bye to her coz she is soooo much FUN!! Miss her already.


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