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7:29 p.m. - 2013-07-18
Summer Daze Treats

This post is gonna be on how to cool yourself off in an extreme heatwave. Some of us prefer a yummy vegan burger. Others a cold sweet treat. Southern Ontario is known for its extreme humid hot summers. It could easily go up to 50 humidex. BUT IT GETS WORSE if no air-conditioning. Luckily ours work at night so we can all sleep. There are a zillion cold treats to indulge during the summer daze or should i say summer haze.

Mango Lasi.
Wow. This is soooo damn great. Easy to make too. All you need is a ripe mango. Ice cubes. Honey. Vanilla ice-cream or milk. Cummin seeds are optional. Put in blender & it will cool you off faster than lemonade.

Coconut Milk Frappe
I got this at Timothy's. Sooo refreshing. Normally i hate coconut water but this is different. It tastes like coconut creme pie with ice.

Homemade Watermelon Popsicles
Also very easy to make.

Orange Crush Floats
If you want something different than the usual rootbeer float. This is made with orange crush soda & vanilla ice-cream. I'm actually having this with supper soon

Banana Splits
Or if you are super hungry but don't feel like making supper or eating heavy go down to DQ & order one of these which is filling & hits the spot.


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