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6:28 p.m. - 2013-07-15
Cotton Candy Playground

Whooooooaaaa..40 humidex today. Too hot to do anything again. Over the weekend we had a BLAST playing dino mini-golf. But before that my grandma was super hungry so we went to the Family Restaurant first but the air-conditioning was arctic cold. Then we went to the Rock n Bowl where we sat down at a diner seat outside which was great except after 30 minutes waiting for someone to come we got up & left. So we ended up eating at Kelsey's again. This time i tried their yummy Asian noodle bowl & for dessert i had fried mars bar. My grandma loves their fish n chips. Mom's parmesan chicken was gigantic. Then we went golfing at night with a giant woolly mammoth & a T-Rex fossil & a velociraptor which scared my grandma. We could see the volcano erupting better & i got this awesome pic of the Skywheel with cotton candy skies in the background. It started out chilly but in the night it was hot. I got a hole-in-one!! WOOT-WOOT!! So i got a prize. A chunky blue spiked ring. My grandma came in 2nd. She won last time she was here. She is sooooo good! We went to Ripley's Believe It or Not. There was a small car with eyeballs painted all over it. A giant lollipop tree. Robots. Stopped off at the rock shop & i got this groovy Who patch & Ramones patch. We didn't want to go home so we got some tea at Starbucks & sat outside. It felt like being in Rio Brazil. There was a band playing samba music.

Next day went out with friends & had yummy coconut milk frappa or whatever its called. Oh i finally got rid of that creep. I deleted him 2 weeks ago & he was still lurking around for another 2 weeks until he finally deleted me. GOOOD! Ummm..yeah so thats all i have to write about. Oh last night none of us could sleep so we watched "Schindler's List" until 3 in the morning. My grandma never saw the film & she loved it a lot. She also liked "Center Stage".

Tomorrow is Maria's birthday so i will be hanging out with her all day.


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