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1:25 a.m. - 2013-07-10
storm clouds

Too much heatwave. My grandma says that she might not be able to go back home coz the Toronto airport is flooded. All Toronto is flooded. Wow. That's never happened before. Yesterday we had a hotdog party on the patio when the storm hit. It was just big winds. Toronto got the worst. Today we got out the film "Intruders". Clive Owen is in it. Its a weird story about a hollow faced man that appears to a little boy & a girl in two different countries. It's a bit hard to follow but in the end it came together. It's an ok thriller. Earlier today me & mom gathered clothing & dishes to give to a children's charity.

I gorged on my mom's homemade Swiss waffles with vanilla ice-cream. The heat is suckin' the life right outta me. Went over to Stew's flat & we swam in the outdoor pool for like hours & then watched "Moonrise Kingdom" for the 100th time. Oh been also watching Betsey Johnson's reality show even tho its on real late at night which pretty much sucks but hey its Betsey. My latest inspirations have been lazing around the house + redoing my closet + 1970s horror films + taking long walks.


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