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6:58 p.m. - 2013-06-27
Queens of Thrift

Finished reading The Little Prince. Loved the book. Now i'm reading The Catcher In the Rye. First time i picked up that book i got bored after chapter one. Now i can't put it down. I first got into the book after seeing the film "Igby Goes Down". The second time around i picked it up again after seeing the film "The Killing of John Lennon" just out of curiosity why that Chapman lunatic would want to kill such a beautiful person as John Lennon just because a book told him to. I feel sorry for the writer J.D. Salinger for becoming popular for all the wrong reasons. This Chapman could've picked any book from the library to read. Why this one? He totally made the character Caulfield come to life in an extreme bad way. It's so sad because the book is so very well written and witty. Chapman was sick in the head so it didn't really matter which book he picked. He could've read On the Road or Lost Weekend or Great Gatsby and gotten sickly involved with a specific character. Oh um there's going to be a show on John Lennon's murder on Sunday called Crimes of the Century & also can't wait to see the Anna Nicole Smith film on Saturday.

Went thriftshopping with my bestie Maria today even though it was a bit raining. Got: a pair of large round sunglasses, a vintage stone ring, some comic books, a Ramones t-shirt. We each got a pair of Canada knee-high socks for Canada Day. Ate cookie dough ice-cream. Came home & made collages & working on a zine that has to do with 60s/70s fashion and music.

I made a groovy mix on 8-Tracks but i can't seem to bring it to this page :(
Bass Drum of Death - Dregs by Williams Street Records

Yay! Soundcloud works for me. This band is Bass Drum of Death. Garage punk band. Wicked :)


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