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5:20 p.m. - 2013-05-24
Frances Ha + 2 Cool 4 School mix

Gonna see this film with friends at the indie cinema tonight.
Its about a dancer who lives with her best friend who moves out to live with another girl and leaves Frances by herself who tries desperately to fit in but can't..that is like me most of the time,LOL. Anyways, it should be fun and at least this film is not in freakin' 3-D!

On the phone at moment with Stew discussing time we'll meet at cinema, how much fun it would be to go to India and eat vegetarian samosa every day and meditate with Vishnu.
Back to blogging..i'm hearing Jim saying "is everybody in? the ceremony is about to begin..WAKE-UP!!"..my weird cd player skipped from #1 to #16 so now i'm back to Love Street (Doors).

Made another mix..


This is my last week of school until August, so i decided to make a mix dedicated to assignments, eating tator tots in the cafeteria, sound of locker doors slamming, screetching chalk, professors in bad moods etc..


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