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5:31 p.m. - 2013-05-21
Victoria Daze

Yet another one of the greats gone..he will be making music with Jim up in heaven, no doubt.

Been soo busy..this is my last week of school, then my aunt is arriving on June 3..can't wait to see her again!!!! I have to work on the Recital program booklets..i finished all the costumes & props..

Victoria Day weekend, the weather was sooo melting hot! Played tennis with friends, went for a walk in the park, had a picnic, ate pizza, vegan hotdogs, Vienna cherry creme pie, smoothies..wore my fav. 60s vintage mini-dress with kitten heels, drove around in Stew's 1970s vintage car, had birthday cake ice-cream at a groovy dive, watched American Graffitti, played my ukelele in the garden..& saw fireworks at night.


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