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5:33 p.m. - 2013-05-15
Walkin' On Air

CONGRATULATIONS to my mom and her students!! The Kiwanis Festival has awarded my mom's pointe student a scholarship, and her Spanish Roses ballet number will receive a scholarship for our dance school..YIPPEEEE!!! On Thursday night, its going to be the Festival of Stars where the awards will be given out. How amazing..after everything that is going on, its nice to have a silver lining!:)

Other groovy news..my aunt is coming for a visit again, but this time she's staying for 2 months!! Things are starting to look up again.

The Recital is going to be in a church where my mom had her first recital since we've moved here, so it will be like a anniversary celebration. We're doing "Mary Poppins" this year & the opening number is "Foot Loose".

Classes are going great, will be finished in June so i can take time-off for the summer & have more time to spend with my fav. auntie, also we are planning to go to Marineland..she's never been there before.


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