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5:39 p.m. - 2013-04-30
Ooo-Ooo GTOs!!
This band i've recently got into..they are GTOs..Girls Together Outrageously..they were formed as a side project with Frank Zappa & its got the world's famous groupie of the 60s, Pamela Des Barres in it (great style icon, even today!!)..hilarious songs & jokes..my fav. is I'm In Love With the Ooo-Ooo Man. Check them out if you like humour in music & quirky beats.

Today is Dance Moms finale..yipeee!!!! Other than this show, the Lifetime channel pretty much sucks so i can hardly wait to go back to Animal Planet. I've done thrifting over the weekend, catching up on my fav. films at Stew's ("I Shot Andy Warhol"..did i tell you how much i ADORE Martha Plimpton??!) - she is like my alter-ego! I visited the Japanese fish pond on Sunday & ate a chelsea bun at Kurtz, it was warm outside so i could look like a 1960s Beatlemania girl. Cooked my fav. Norwegian dinner of veal with Jahlsberg cheese sauce & cabbage with bacon. Watched "The Great Gatsby" original 70s version with Robert Redford as Gatsby & Mia Farrow as Daisy Buchanan..looove the flapper high society parties in it! I'm anxious to see the new one with Leo DiCaprio! Anyone seen it yet??


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