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4:37 p.m. - 2013-04-18
fruit loopy!

I was late for class today..i just couldn't find a clean pair of knee-socks, then i burnt my toast (as usual), then Stew called & i forgot the time, then i nearly missed my bus by stepping in a fierce puddle & ruining my new green converse, then i dropped change out of my wallet & i had to pick it up once i got on the bus..grrrr..its one of those daze!! Everyone literally stared at me as i walked in late (why's everyone staring at me??)hmmm..anyways, i sat down & we were writing stuff off the board & the professor stepped out so i used this opportunity to snack coz i was sooo starved!! Fruit Loops in a ziploc..mmmmm!! however, i didn't realize what a mess i made on the floor, i guess several loopos flew out undetected by me until the teacher came back & was walking around answering some people's questions & gave me a funny look & said "someone's been hungry i see..you could've made an appetizer out of those instead of them going to waste.." cue the RED CHEEKS OF HORROR!! i had to quickly gather up the loops on the loose & put it in garbage & you'd think the teacher would've have shut his gob but noooooo..he proceeded to tell everyone of us..no food allowed in classroom only the ones we create for grades. OOOOOOOH, i wanted to crawl under my chair & re-size myself to nothing. This was clearly one of those days where i should've stayed in bed! My shoes were wet, my socks were soggy, & i felt crappy all day.

As a kid growing up, i was always an optimist until i got into high school..that all ch-ch-ch-changed! Lately with everything going wrong in the news, poor USA, i'm once again a pessimist & filled with negative energy.


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