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5:08 p.m. - 2013-04-16
competition results + thriftshopping

COMPETITION SUNDAY..Got up at 8:00 am in the morning..i'm NOT a morning person..ugh!! anyways, we got to the St. Catherine's Colligiate (huge place!! got lost a few times, its like a labryinthe of halls) at 10:30 am. The auditorium rules!! I got to sit up in the balcony & watch from there. Jordan, the organizer, came out to talk on stage..he looked like a part of One Direction. He apparently was in the much neglected dance flick "Honey" & "Save the Last Dance 2"..did these films even make it in the theaters?? He finished with films (don't blame him) & opened up his own performing company which i discovered yesterday when i went thrifting..its on Paul St. in St. Catherine's where the whole street is like Soho in New York.

The "Spanish Roses" ballet - 5/6 year olds got 1st place..yay!! They were AMAAAAZING!!! "Skyfall" - contemporary, placed 2nd. "The Story" - solo lyrical got 1st place..yay!! & mom's 2 other numbers got 2nd. Not bad considering we were up against a huge school from the States! & there were other schools from Canada competing as well. There was a groovy in-house DJ Sorrento spinning the latest dance music during the breaks. It was a fun competition! The Spanish Roses & Skyfall got the biggest screams & claps of the day.:)

Yesterday after class, met up with Stew & we headed to Paul St. for thrifting in Out of the Past. I bagged: a pretty 60s Boho dress, 60s psychedelic swirl print scarf which i will use in my hair, a 60s crazy hat (beanie), 60s polyester sleeveless blouse, a 70s flower print blouse with pointy collar, 70s wrap skirt & an Out of the Past kittycat button. The girl there was super nice & took off a lot from the prices & she loved my flower baby barettes in my hair :) Stew got a bowler shirt, a cool summer straw hat & a leather jacket. We then headed to a cafe where we shared a vegan mediterranean pizza..yum!!


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