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5:19 p.m. - 2013-04-10
Hitchcock film

Iknow a lot of good things were said about the drama film "Hitchcock" & i was anticipating the day it would finally be in the rental shop, well, i was disappointed in the film for several reasons..the film centered too much on Alfred's relationship with his wife. Some poeple might not even know that he & Alma actually had a daughter named Patricia who had bit parts in "Strangers On A Train" & "Psycho" because there was no mention of her in the film which was a let down. I would've liked to know more about his films..i love hearing interesting facts & stuff & i actually learnt a lot more about the film "Psycho" at Universal Studios Florida then this film itself. I already knew about everything in the film, so there was nothing surprising to me. The acting was good even tho Anthony Hopkins only slightly resembled Hitchcock when he turned sideways. I thought Scarlett portrayed Janet Leigh pretty good. I was disappointed that they didn't go into details about the score of Psycho which i would've been interested in learning..umm..& disappointed that it didn't discuss his other films more, like "The Birds" which is my most fav. of his films. I found the part where Hitchcock sees this guy here & there in his mind confused me a bit. Anyways, it was okay but i wouldn't want to see it again. I'll just grab a Hitchcock masterpiece & watch that instead.

I also saw "Lincoln"..film was very dark so most of the time it was hard to see actors faces..we would've needed a political dictionary to understand what the hell they were talkin' about! Subtitles should've came with subtitles!! it was a very very boring film..a waste of nearly 2 1/2 hours of sitting & getting a cranky butt! If they would've showed this film in history class, kids would've been yawning, fidgeting, wanting to go to the bathroom & not coming back, daydreaming, doodling etc..Sorry Spielberg, but this film fell flat from start to finish. I even nodded off a few times. Even the voting scene which should've been uplifting, fell flat. Best part, Tommy Lee Jones removing his wig to reveal a bald head..haha..i found that quite amusing. Oh & yeah Daniel Day Lewis was brilliant, but isn't he in all his films?


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