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5:07 p.m. - 2013-04-02

Had a BLAST on me b-day!! Here's what went down...i was soo happy that the weather was pretty spring-like even though we wore jackets..went to the Butterfly Conservatory to see the snake exhibit..i loove snakes!! We didn't even have to pay for parking coz the parking attendant went AWOL..haha! Anyways..saw the most prettiest snake called the Gibbon Viber or Gaboon Viper..it had 2 small horns on top of its nose & a leaf-shaped head, the Cane Toad..wow! i only saw this guy on TV on Austin Stevens Snakemaster episode where he goes running after cane toads which are the most venemous frogs on our planet! Also saw a bunch of black scorpions..haha..i wonder what they would do with these on Project Runway?? okay people, you have to design a dress with these creatures in mind! i'd be flying out that door soo freakin' fast! There were other snakes, a tarantula that scared the shit outta me! then this cute snake guy came out & started talking to me..my friends said it was soo obvious that he was into me..he especially got excited when i told him how much i love snakes, so he brought one out for me which freaked Maria out & she hid behind one of the picture boards..i held a baby python in my hands..most of her body was wrapped around a railing so she felt very light, but for a baby, WHOOOOAAAA!! she was already like 6 foot long! afterwards, we walked around the gardens only there were of course no flowers or anything yet & the swamp area looked very messy & muddy..went to Starbucks to get my b-day cake pop & this cute indie haired guy in line said to me.."you go on ahead of me, dollface"..woww, thanks dude :) Stew said that i should ask him for his phone number but yeah come on..im soo totally shy & i know i was blushing like crazy! Stew bought me the cake pop & a hot chocolate..we sat down at the lounge area & talked for awhile. Had b-day dinner at home with mom..my friends couldn't stay coz it was Easter Sunday & they were celebrating that with their folks. Mom made a Scandinavian meal of 2 kinds of hams, cheeses, & hard-boiled eggs..soo yummy!! then i had my bunny b-day cake & then i opened up pressies..oh yeah i opened up pressies from my friends at Starbucks..from them i got chocolate bunnies, kinder girl eggs, dvd gift cards, Juicy Couture perfume, jewelry..from mom i got green converse high tops, Rookie Yearbook One, British Invasion of the 60s, Doors t-shirt, celestial mirror, an Andy Warhol journal, & Mac's Archies Girls lipstick in Betty OhOhOh which is like a plum shade. It was one of the best b-days ever for a long while.


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