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2:35 p.m. - 2013-03-28
wallflowers + thrift

a. Perks of Being A Wallflower. About a very shy boy who is picked on in school until he finds friends who are quirky & nice to him & take him to parties. He has a mental problem that goes back to his childhood which gives a shocking twist to the story. Loved the Rocky Horror stage scenes a lot. Watched this film at Stew's flat & we both fell in love with the gay guy in the film played by Ezra Miller. Groovy film.

b. thrifting on Monday. Plato's Closet. Bagged a pair of brown platform Roxy sandals, a pair of sandals with gemstones, a Courtney Love-esque summer dress with lace trimming, tribal print shorts, & kaki cargo pants.

c. new Goodwill. huuuuuuge!!! reminds me of Last Chance in Arizona. of all the stuff in there i only bought a funkeyboard flower stickers for 58cents.

d. slab creamery. great ice-cream! had cotton candy with marshmellow bits.


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