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5:14 p.m. - 2013-03-19
monday inspirations


milk choccie mini eggs that come inside an ice-cream-like carton..sooo yummy!!!

Rimmel's Stand To Attention nail polish is my fav. colour at the moment..i'm really into reds for spring

avocado toast is something i have to eat once a week..i loooove avocadoes & they're good for you!

I loove rainy days as opposed to snowstorms..i do wish spring would come & rain so that i can wear my owl print rainboots!

gigantic flower murals

a cat face purse which i'm planning on ordering..its sooo diabolical but in a good way :D

lace crowns for feeling like a mythical princess on my b-day

floppy hats..perfect for the summer to keep sun out of face

planning on covering my bike basket with white daisies

words of wisdom!

pink trees, pink nature, candy forests

henna art


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