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4:46 p.m. - 2013-03-05
misperception up north!

Everything was going good yesterday until we got out of Walmart & got to the car. Mom got a nasty note on windshield that said "learn how to park asshole!"..our car was parked inside the line! Unfuckinbelievable!!!!! I can't believe it that someone actually took the bother to write a note on a cold windy night! We looked at other parked cars & some of them were really crooked & outside their line. Why did this motherfucker pick on us?? Perhaps a Hello Kitty hater? I'm a pretty good textbook detective & i know that it couldn't have been a male becuz i don't think men walk around with a notepad in their pockets (my friend Stew & his male friends don't do this ever)..this note was written from a notepad that couldn't have even fit into a pocket. Mom was furious & she placed the note on the only car beside us..haha! Comin' back at ya bitch!!! I know that whomever wrote note was still parked there. Why would she wait until she came out to write note..we could've been gone by then, so i detect that she was still in store & wrote note before going in there. But really, WTF?? This woman obviously thinks of herself as a superior being who supposedly does no mistakes. Nobody is perfect except her. I'll bet she's one of those fuckers sitting in a high executive position who fires anyone who makes a mistake!

Lately, things have gotten worse in the way Canadians treat each other..just the other week, i was walking with my friend Stew in the mall, we were talking about the window displays, some of them were amazing, anyways, Stew had his pink streaks in his hair & wearing his skinny jeans with his punk boots & these 2 guys with mohawks were passing us by & one of them shoved Stew for no apparent reason & called him a "faggot" in his face, & this happened with people around coz it was at the Second Cup where people are sitting drinking their coffees..my God, even the mall ain't safe anymore from these sorts of monsters! Other times, i hear guys screaming at each other from cars if someone happens to make a wrong pass or something..people are voicing themselves a lot more than ever before.

Americans think of Canadians as polite..always saying "please" & "thank you"..WELL! its such a fuckin' myth! Try to live here & see whats really goin' on. Now its all about nasty notes. People hardly ever say "sorry" or "pardon me" anymore. If i get run over by a baby carriage..no such thing as "sorry!" If i hold the door open for someone, there's no more "thank yous". I think Canadians need a big dose of some "Southern hospitality!" PRONTO!!


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