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5:08 p.m. - 2013-02-28
sponge blob

Culinary class isn't all that its cut up to be lately..we do not have challenges like "Sugar Dome" or even a kitchen nightmare grouch to keep things insanely rolling like a food boot camp..nah, all we did yesterday was make a ton of sponge cake..i was farting sponge cake all night!! Sponge cake with any fruit you can imagine as a dessert hor doover (i still don't know how to spell this word!). Mine was a mango sponge with star fruit as decor, nothing too exciting although the professor seemed to be enamoured with the star fruit like they were suddenly gonna grow legs & jump off. Next week, its a different story..we have to come up with an hor doover that takes inspiration from the Year of the Snake! As long as we don't have to actually cook snakes! I have ideas of making a cobra out of celery stalk.

Daily Musings: will use the mystic medusa as inspiration for next week, vegan bear burger that my friend Stew made for me, been wearing my hair in lots of braids & daisies, fudgesicle-ing away those winter blues, lots of vitamin C, watching Indiana Jones films to get me to exercise, rekindling my love for bindis, the wonderful colors of nature, & asking advice from my pyramid..


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